Whatever your size or industry, we can help.

Working as financial planners for the last 10 years, we had countless meetings with business owners, many of them had great businesses but for the vast majority, we couldn’t help.

Traditional financial planning is all about retirees, they have the money to pay the fees. That’s not compatible for entrepreneurs who’re still building up their wealth.

For many, an action plan with expert guidance and support is all that’s needed.

We founded Steer to do exactly that.


Jamie Phythian - Founder


Stuart Mcdonald - Founder

For Business Owners

We sort your personal finances.
So you can focus on your business.

There are no asset or income restrictions. We are here to help you grow. With you every step of the way.

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What our customers think

I was referred to Steer from a reliable source. This has revolutionised how I have been "saving" my money and I now have actionable plans in place of easy to implement tasks to make the most out of my finances. Support has been very impressive and I am looking forward to the next 12 months.

Luke Hughes | Founder

Steer have supported me in setting up a financial structure for when wages enter my account. Coaching over Zoom and WhatsApp is perfect. I am learning through the process with advice that’s available online, when I need that experienced person to actually talk too before seeing it through, Steer are there.

Paul Lin | Business Owner