Financial Planning.

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs to realise their personal financial goals. Our experts get to know you, your finances, business plans and what you want from life.

We work with you to put a realistic plan in place that fits your life today and in future.

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How it works

After getting to know all about you, we sync that information to our smart models so we can create powerful action plans.

Your financial planner then works alongside you, guiding you as you implement new financial behaviours and strategies.

We don’t push you too soon, our methodology is fully attuned to your lifestyle so that we can step-up progress when the time's right for you..



Complete your financial introduction.

Fill out our introductory application, most finish in around 30 mins. Don’t worry you don’t need to do it all at once and we’re on hand if you’re stuck on anything.


Are we a good match?

Before you sign-up, we make sense of where you are, where you need to be and what needs to be done. You then decide if we’re a good fit


You’re ready.

We’ll now get into the details, giving you 24/7 support as you implement new financial strategies and behaviours, keeping in touch regularly so you’re on track.

For Business Owners

We sort your personal finances.
So you can focus on your business.

There are no asset or income restrictions. We are here to help you grow. With you every step of the way.


What our customers think

I was referred to Steer from a reliable source. This has revolutionised how I have been "saving" my money and I now have actionable plans in place of easy to implement tasks to make the most out of my finances. Support has been very impressive and I am looking forward to the next 12 months.

Luke Hughes | Founder

Steer have supported me in setting up a financial structure for when wages enter my account. Coaching over Zoom and WhatsApp is perfect. I am learning through the process with advice that’s available online, when I need that experienced person to actually talk too before seeing it through, Steer are there.

Paul Lin | Business Owner